We’re hiring!

by David on 09/12/2010

Update: We decided to pull the job ad for the foreseeable future. Thanks to all who applied. Litmus are hiring a Rails developer. The job will be working with me on the customer facing Ruby on Rails application. There will be Ruby, Rails, Javascript and the joy of helping our little company build even better […]

Goodbye my friend

by David on 16/09/2010

Yesterday I said goodbye to a dear friend, a friend who had lived with us since he was a baby. He lived in our first ever house with us, since before I finished university, before we started Litmus, before we got engaged, before we were married and before the birth of our beautiful daughter. He […]

dConstruct 2010 Pictures

by David on 16/09/2010

Happily, I’ve just finished sorting and editing my photos from dConstruct 2010 – the 35mm 1.8f lens and the 55-200 VR did me proud. My absolute favourite was the photo of David Mccandless during his “Information is beautiful” talk. The intricate logo looks like a halo around him. www.flickr.com davidsmalley’s dConstruct 2010 photoset

Better than nothing

by David on 04/09/2010

While you think your competition is that woman across town, it’s probably apathy, sitting still, ignoring the problem… nothing. Better than nothing – Seth Godin Spot on observation from Seth, we realised that one of the main challenges for us with Litmus was changing the mindset of the majority, so they see testing their designs […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

by David on 29/08/2010

The cloud cometh http://yfrog.com/n83vcdj # I keep being intrigued by people using Vim & Emacs – but why should I bother taking the time to learn a new editor? What’s the benefit? # Guardian is getting somewhat technical. But, emacs has a better LaTeX mode. http://tweetphoto.com/41277277 (via @beng) # We put the rascal down for […]

Git deployment workflow using tags

by David on 12/08/2010

Post image for Git deployment workflow using tags

Up until now we’ve been hacking git branches to handle our master -> QA -> staging -> production workflow. This meant that the typical development to production deploy required a sequence like: git pull –rebase git push git checkout staging git pull –rebase git rebase master git push cap staging deploy – check site in […]